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Oils well that ends well - a talk about our oil based beauty products

Oils well that ends well - a talk about our oil based beauty products

At Dames and Dimes, we love oil. To be honest, who doesn't love oil? Oil is a key ingredient in every fry up worth talking about and it's a star player in every masseuse's arsenal.

Ah yes! Oils. 

All of our products at Dames & Dimes are oil based meaning that you won't find any traces of water in any of our concoctions. That's right, we told water to take a hike because like a snotty kid sitting next to you on the bus, water will breed bacteria. (And we like bacteria even less than snotty kids). This means we don't use preservatives in any of our beauty products either. Why? Well, the short answer is we don't need 'em. We have more on our decision here on our brand ethos which is worth a read!

The oily bird gets the worm

Oil based beauty products are what are referred to as 'occlusive moisturisers' which means they keep areas of the skin hydrated by locking in moisturiser. Just take our Shea Body Butter for example. It contains kukui nut oil which is great for skin and areas with acne along with some rosehip oil (yes sir, we're pulling out all the guns with this one) which contains omega 3,6 AND 9 fatty acids to regenerate skin cells and repair damaged skin. The oils work in unison by saturating the skin and trapping the moistures in so as to ensure hydration. While on the subject of our Shea Body Butter, we thought we'd mention that it contains cetyl alcohol which is a great for softening the skin (not actually an alcohol but a fatty waxy substance derived from plants) and isopropyl myristate, both of which are emollients derived from natural sources that help the other ingredients penetrate the skin. 

But I have oily skin. How will it help me?

You're going to be surprised to hear that the best type of product to re-balance excessively oily skin is...more oil...surprised?

When you cleanse and wash your body with beauty products that don't contain natural oils, you may be slowly stripping away the natural oils on your skin. So like any brat with more than one sports car, your skin begins to overcompensate. More oils are produced in order to replenish what was lost and before you know it, you'll be drowning in it. And so begins the never-ending cycle where you and your skin begin to hate each other and fight each other and call each other names. And then you fall out and start seeing other people and blah blah blah. Moral of the story? Oil is good for you. 

So what did we learn about oils?

 Let us summarize the benefits involved in using oil based products:

  • great at retaining moisture, especially right after a shower
  • no need to reapply multiple times throughout the day unlike body lotions
  • oils are packed full of fatty acids essential for the health of your skin
  • oil is your greatest friend when controlling excess oil production from your skin
  • no need for preservatives

Now that we've essentially made you an expert in this area have a peak at our collection  to make the transition to oil-based products today.


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