Let's talk Sea Salt Scrubs! Exfoliate your troubles (and dry skin) away.

Exfoliation is now fully integrated into almost everyone’s weekly beauty regime, so don’t be late to the party!  

Don’t hate, exfoliate!  

Like our grandmothers, dead skin cells are stubborn and they sure do harden with age. You could go your whole life with dead skin cells laying there, playing possum, avoiding their fate. But if you’re like us, once you’ve spotted them, you can’t ignore them. You know the type, right? They sprout up on the knees and the elbows usually. They set up camp where they feel like, laze about making the place look dry and flaky like a desert before inviting their mates over. Before you know it, you’ve got a million of them. And none of them pay rent, might we add.

Sea Salt scrubs aim to uproot these crafty squatters by, for lack of a better term, scrubbing them out of existence. By gently rubbing in circular motions, the salt scrub reveals the hidden, softer skin underneath. But that’s not all! The abrasiveness of salt scrubs invigorates skin, bringing it back from death and even goes as far as to improve circulation restoring a natural glow to the area. Sea Salt scrubs don’t just terminate dead skin cells though, no they have it in for their other nemesis too: microbes. Sea Salt scrubs remove microbes from the skin with its antiseptic qualities making it our number one assassin for killing bacteria. By exfoliating with salt scrubs, you can also unclog pores, reduce inflammation and cancel out any itchiness left by those good for nothing dead skin cells.

 Regen, rejoice!

While on the subject of exfoliation, let’s talk about regeneration! (How about those rhymes? #rhymegenius)

Exfoliating with a salt scrub encourages demands the regeneration of healthy new skin cells. The act of banishing dead skin cells allows for the beginning of brand new cells to prosper. Once the process is complete, you're more than likely to find that your skin appears younger and that your skin tone has balanced out and that your bills for this month have been paid. Salt scrubs are truly a magical thing *cough especially ours *cough. 

So why use our Salt Scrub?

Let us start off by saying we love you. 

If that isn't a good enough reason, then let us prove it to you.

At Dames & Dimes, we use not one, not two, but three types of salts in our scrubs. Talk about being spoilt, eh? You will find Sea Salts, Dead Sea Salts (Sea Salt's long lost brother) and their chilled out cousin Epsom Salts. All three salts work to exfoliate the skin, but each have different properties and effects that make them unique and effective. So instead of separating them like a cranky old home-wrecker, we threw them all into our mixing bowl and let the salts mingle. 

But what does each salt do, you might ask? Well ask no more and read on to find out!

Sea Salts - the leader of the pack

Like us, Sea Salts are smooth talkers, but more importantly they're smooth to touch too. This makes them great for shedding dead skin cells with one clean strike without scratching or cutting the skin. Sea Salts also have a great ability to absorb toxins from the body leaving your skin fresh, clean and dare we say, rather delectable. 

Dead Sea Salts - dead, but never forgotten 

Dead Sea Salts take after their brother Sea Salts in the sense that they detoxify the skin and stimulate blood circulation in the skin. However, did you know that having a regular bath with Dead Sea Salts can help rectify chemical imbalances in the skin and even prevent dry skin from ever occurring? Furthermore, Dead Sea Salts help replenish the body with minerals such as sodium! As for our Eczema suffers, well suffer no more folks! Dead Sea Salts were born with a vendetta against skin disorders and will serve to correct dryness in areas by hydrating them. 

Epsom Salts - the real MVP

The third salt in our conjurer's pot is Epsom Salts. Epsom Salts have been known throughout the ages to sooth the mind, the body and the soul. Sea Salts and Dead Salts cover the skin, but our dear Epsom does a full home run and targets the muscles. From relaxing the nervous system to soothing aching limbs, Epsom Salts lull the body in a state of healing. But wait, there's more! Epsom Salts replenish magnesium in the body which helps produce serotonin (a fancy way of saying 'happy chemicals') that resonate with the ol' noggin making for a relaxing state of mind. 

So what are you waiting for? 

A triple-whammy of the salts at your disposal ready to evict dead skin cells, replenish minerals and even bring you to state of Zen. The Dames & Dimes Peppermint Salt Scrub and Lime Salt Scrub are the perfect additions to your bathtub! Exfoliate and say goodbye to dead skin cells, say hello to fresh minerals! 



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