Oil Cleansing Method with Cleansing Balms- the oiliest trick in the book for acne free and youthful skin

The Process

We’ve spoken about how natural oils live on the skin in our blog post ‘Oils well that ends well – a talk about our oil based products’ and how some facial cleansers can strip the skin of its oils leaving it dry and yearning like a desert. But did you know that by using the oil cleansing method, you are avoiding that fate entirely as oil cleansing works to replace the old, dirty, oil with new, super-duper oil that nourishes and hydrates the skin. Like dissolves like and the only way to get rid of bad oils naturally is to kick it in the face with natural clean oils. 

Think of oil cleansing as sending the good oils to vaporise the bad oils. 

When massaged into the skin as explained above, the good oils find themselves almost magnetised to the bad ones – kind of like every relationship we’ve ever had, but let’s not get into that. When you wash away the oils, you’re also ridding yourself of the bad ones which go swirling down your plug hole. As the good oils pull dirt from the face (and from the pores), it leaves the pores unclogged and allows them room to breathe.

How does it work?

Did you know that stripping your skin of oils is the worst thing you could do? It's counter productive and counter intuitive. See those oil-free facial cleansers in your bathroom? See those creams and facial washes and all those goodies you’ve sold your soul to? Chuck ‘em out the window. We’ll wait. 

Now, the idea is to slather oil (stay with us on this one) onto your face and massage all that juicy goodness into your skin. Allow the oils to sit there for a while as you admire your shiny face. After about five minutes, it’s time to say goodbye. Soak a face cloth with hot water, squeeze out excess, and press it against your face for five seconds to open up your pores. Then using your  hot cloth, gently wipe until all that dirt and grime have hit the road.

Pow! You’ve just completed the oil cleansing method. We’ll stick fifty bucks on the line and say  your face is positively glowing now, eh?

The oily bird gets the worm!

In a nutshell? Well, the Oil Cleansing method will do the following .

  • Reduce irritation such as itching
  • Fights the good fight against acne by banishing bacteria 
  • Replace the dirty oil on your skin with clean beneficial oil
  • Pulls dirt from pores allowing them to open up and breathe
  • Nourishes dry areas of the skin and promotes hydration
  • It reduces blackheads, whiteheads, nuclear warheads and most certainly your worries!
  • Raises the stakes as it goes head to head against acne, dryness and flaky skin
  • Strips the skin of its baggage, not of its natural oils
  • remove stubborn makeup, dirt & grime

Who you gonna call?

Dames & Dimes of course.

We’ve got your back when it comes to the oil cleansing method which is why we’ve introduced our new baby (and soon to be yours): The Dames & Dimes Cleansing balm made from organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax and organic sweet orange essential oil so you can practice the oil cleansing method in confidence!

Fun Fact

Ancient Romans used oils to cleanse and remove dirt as soap wasn’t readily available back then. These guys weren’t messing around either. They managed to conquer most of Europe. You think they managed to do that with just swords and shields? No way. They used oils. Trust us.

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