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3 Foolproof Ways To Reduce The Appearance Of Large Pores

What are pores?

Before beginning the battle against large pores, you need an understanding first of exactly what they are and what can cause them to become enlarged. You need to know your enemy before you can defeat it victoriously! Quite simply, pores are tiny openings that are on the surface on the skin and act as an exit point for sweat and sebum (an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands) to be expelled from your body. They play an important role is ensuring that oils and toxins are eliminated. However, when pores become clogged with excess sebum or dirt, you may find yourself plagued with blackheads and acne. There are three factors that determine pore size: genetics, oily skin and age. Although you cannot control the size of your pores, you can control how they appear and prevent them from becoming even larger from being stretched out when filled with dirt and sebum.


What is the result of clogged pores?


Excessively clogged pores can lead to blackheads. Blackheads form from a build up of sweat, sebum, and dead skin cells within the pores and are what are referred to as open comedones as the pore itself is open at the surface of the skin. Due to this, air is able to hit the clogged pore which causes the sebum to oxidise which in turn causes it to turn into the unsightly colour that blackheads are and at the same time, if left unchecked, they can stretch out the pore and increase its size. Unfortunately, the nose is where they most often occur. Not ideal when it’s slap bang in the middle of our faces for all of the outside world to gaze at.  

But what about those other large pores on your face which are slightly dark in color (often yellow and greasy). Well these are sebaceous filaments. And it’s very easy to confuse these with blackheads. Rest assured that unlike blackheads, sebaceous filaments are actually a perfectly normal part of your body and it occurs when oil builds up around the hair follicle. This is what can cause the pores to appear prominent. You can relentlessly wage a war against sebaceous filaments by constantly squeezing them out in the hope of banishing them, but unfortunately your efforts would be futile. Sebaceous filaments cannot be eradicated through popping them. As much as it is satisfactory to watch them be torn apart from your nose by nose pore strips or any other ruthless instrument you have in your arsenal. Getting rid of them means that they’ll be back again within a few days.  


So what hope do I have in treating them and reducing the size of my pores?


All hope is not lost. There are actually a number of highly effective methods in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and bringing some semblance of normality back to your face. We’ve outlined these methods below so that you don’t need to hunt these down yourself. 


1. Oil cleansing 


By far our favourite method. It sounds crazy to fight oil with oil doesn’t it? Where’s the logic in that? But bear with us as we break it down. This is based on the theory that ‘like dissolves like’ and that using an oil based cleanser will loosen up the gunk that is the sebaceous filament. Confused with wear to start? Our 100% Organic Chocolate Orange Cleansing Balm is made purely with natural oils and butters which work to bind to the dirt and grime in your skin and balance oil production. It’s highly effective on even the oiliest of skin. You’re essentially removing the filthy contaminated oil from your skin and replenishing it with nourishing and deeply moisturizing healthy oils to leave your pores looking healthy and decongested. No harsh oil stripping methods or red and inflamed skin. Just a golden glow.

It’s essential that once you’ve removed every speck of dirt, grime and dirty oils from your skin, to replenish it with nourishing and deeply moisturising healthy oils high essential fatty acids. Our Miracle Mandarin Face Oil is a powerful concoction organic cold pressed oils that are highly effective in rebalancing and moisturising oily complexions. A balanced complexion means that the skin won't go into overdrive when producing sebum which is one of the things that can lead us to enlarged pores in the first place.  

2. Clay masks 


You’ve heard the wonders of clay masks and there’s a reason why. What’s better than using a clay mask on congested skin? Use it before cleansing skin with your cleansing balm and once the mask is washed off, whip out the an oil cleanser to cling onto every single bit of gunk that’s been pulled to the surface of the skin by the clay mask. 


3. Salicyclic acid 


Salicylic acid is also know as BHA (beta-hydroxy acid). It is best applied straight after cleansing the skin and is known for dissolving excess sebum in the pores. When it is used consistently, salicylic acid can help the good fight in keeping sebaceous filaments at bay and also effective in helping to prevent blackheads from rearing their ugly head. 


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