5 Absolutely Kickass Benefits of Shea Butter

Ah, Shea Butter – the unrefined kind too. Yet, not so unrefined that it comes without manners. It has a nutty/smoky scent that makes our Whipped Body Butter all the more enticing and in addition to this, it has superior emollient properties that make it one of our favourite (and soon to be yours) natural ingredients.

What is it?

Shea butter is a fat that is extract from a nut which belongs to the African Shea tree (hence the name, you see). Shea butter is usually an off-white colour (or ivory) assuming it has not been processed in any way and is widely used in beauty products as it is particularly beneficial to damaged skin and helps make skin softer. For these reasons, we hail it as saviour for its abilities to remedy skin problems such as eczema and inflammation.

Unrefined vs Refined. Civil vs Savage.

Not all Shea butters are created equal. Some are smarter than others. But for the most part, there are two common varieties. 

The first variety is unrefined Shea butter which has been filtered without affecting the potent healing qualities of the butter. Unrefined Shea butter has a very significant nutty/smoky odor, but the older the Shea butter the more this smell diminishes. It is why you may notice that our body butter has a very slight nutty/smoky scent which becomes almost non-existent when applied to the skin.

The second variety is refined Shea butter, but don’t let that ‘refinery’ sway you. Sure, it may have all the verbal acumen of a man from Oxford but trust us when we say it is merely a façade. Many cosmetics opt for refined Shea butter for the lack of smell as some find it overwhelming (others like us really like it), but during the process of removing the odour a significant amount of nutrients are destroyed. That is why we stick to the unrefined type, for he may not be as dashing as his refined counter part, he certainly is better for you. Trust us, looks fade. We've been there.


What are the 5 kickass benefits I could obtain from using this miracle butter?

1. Widely accepted to ease irritated skin from eczema and dermatitis because of its anti-inflammatory properitres. Its vitamin F content aids in soothing rough skin that is severely chapped.

    2. Razor burn? it won’t last long with shea butter which can drastically reduced inflammation due to its cinnamic acid content.

    3. Stretch marks and scars become a thing of the past as shea butter aids in restoring and maintaining skin tone.

    4. Blemishes and wrinkles are magically swept away because of its ability to aid in the collagen production of the skin. Long term use can contribute to strengthening and softening the skin.

    5. Dry skin becomes a distant memory with intense 24hr moisture. This is due to the high concentration of essential vitamins and fatty acids in shea butter which gives it its incredibly nourishing abilities. In addition to this, it is highly effective at protecting the balance of oils on the skin.


      Hopefully you will be able to make a better informed decision when purchasing products that incorporate this natural ingredient and will experience the plethora of benefits that it provides. Why not check out our whipped shea body butter to benefit from its properties. In addition to this, if you want to find out more as to why we create oil-based products, you will find our previous blog post particularly insightful.

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