Nail Biters Anonymous - Nail and cuticle salvation!

What are nails made from?

Nails are made from a tough, hardened and protective protein known as keratin. Your nails grow by forming new cells at the root of the nail, which push out the old nail cells. These old cells then harden due to keratin. Funnily enough, it’s also what your hair is made of. 

What issues can nails suffer from?

Oh nothing much. Just Onychoschizia and no, it’s not the name of a dungeon dragon, believe it or not. Onychoschizia is the fancy way of saying ‘the splitting of fingernails’, and believe us it’s a frequent problem that is more likely to affect women. 

Luckily, it’s seldom ever caused by internal issues (like vitamin deficiencies) but more so by external factors like dry, rugged cuticles and serial nail biting, called onychophagia (also not a dungeon dragon). Onychophagia can leave nails shrivelled and damaged and the surrounding cuticle tough and rugged. 

So why do our nails suffer?

Nails become more brittle as you age but there are external factors as we mentioned above that can have an influence on the strength of your nails. These include nails that have been exposed to water and detergent for too long. When you repeatedly wet your hands and then dry them throughout the day, this excessively dries out your nails and causes them to split. Nails are indicative of your general state of health, so it is in your best interest to keep them looking in top condition.

How can our Nail & Cuticle Balm help?

First things first, let’s take a look at the MVP in our ingredients list. Organic beeswax!

Why have we used beeswax, you might ask? Well, beeswax uses its magical essence to protect its user against the elements and is a natural barrier against water (Ha! Take that, water benders!). It’s also super effective at locking moisture in as well as keeping it out and provides instant relief for dry, chapped skin. But don't be fooled, this tough barrier beeswax forms on your skin is still breathable. 

Beeswax also blends in well when combined with other oils allowing for a beautiful creamy texture which is super easy to apply. So no need to waste time warming our balm up between your fingers (because who honestly has time for that). 

We have a deadly combo of lavender, tea tree and rosemary essential oils which provide a heavenly, herby smell with a gentle chocolate undertone courtesy of our organic cocoa butter.

Our Nail & Cuticle Balm also comes with anti-bacterial properties (courtesy of our essential oils), quelling the emergence of germs and fungus. The result is strong, bright and nourished nails that will grow long enough to make Wolverine quiver. It’s also high on vitamin A content which can support cell reconstruction allowing for dry, dead nails to be born again.

Our formula has been carefully constructed to last you for as long as possible. Only a pea-sized amount is necessary as a little goes a long way meaning that one jar can last you for up to a year. 

Why not take a quick peak at our incredibly nourishing Nail & Cuticle Balm.

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