About Dames & Dimes



I’m so glad you’ve popped by Dames & Dimes to start your skincare journey with cleaner and sustainable, eco concious skincare. My name is Charla and I’m what you would call the mastermind behind all the products you can explore on the website. I formulate my own products and hand manufacture them in small batches to ensure optimal freshness from production to your door. Nope no team behind me! Everything is crafted by my hands with love to gift you a sensorial and rewarding skincare experience with deliciously and beautifully scented skincare for a sublime olfactory experience. I hope I can be part of your beauty ritual and inject a little bit of positive wellbeing and happiness in your life because you absolutely deserve it. 
There’s a whole world of sensorial skincare to explore so let’s go on the journey together. 
Charla x