About Us and our ethos for Natural Skin care products

Meet the team



Ah the founder – the boss lady, that is. Having turned her back on the daily grind of a nine till five, she now spends her days devising concoctions. Our founder runs a tight ship around here – one that makes icebergs quiver in its wake. With the mind of a genius and the mouth of a sailor, our founder is a power house. She also likes fruit mocktails and kittens. 


The Alchemist

Our dear Alchemist was once a dreamer who believed she could turn lead to gold. Spoiler Alert: It didn’t work out. After sulking about it in a dark room whilst listening to a sombre violin, she picked herself up, dusted herself off and hatched up a brilliant idea. She couldn’t make gold, but she sure could makesome delicious looking beauty products. Leaving her old life behind, she threw every natural ingredient she had into her cauldron. Spoiler Alert: It totally worked


The Monkeys

During her travels to find the greatest natural ingredients, the Alchemist came across a group of well-mannered and delightfully groomed monkeys. At first she thought they were cute and so like any dame with a soft spot for furry creatures, she adopted them and sought to make them her companions for life. Unfortunately, they turned out to be an unruly bunch with a knack for truly testing her patience and pushing her over the edge. But they love her really... at least, we think that’s love.


How did this all start?

Having stumbled into a dead-end with a professional job, our founder began to think that the rat race was a bit rigged. So she threw in the towel, to conceive plans for a more fruitful future. With a bit of determination, many sleepless nights and whimsical bickering; Dames & Dimes was born. That was way back in 2015 before she started developing our products, before she started labelling and relabelling pots, before she started drinking – drinking coffee that is. After losing her mind, she soon enlisted the help of her creative right hand man (and by enlisted we mean captured and put in a cage). During his captivity, he came up with the mascots and the quirky ideas for our packaging.


Why did you create Dames & Dimes? 

We created Dames & Dimes as we recognised that more and more people were becoming concerned with what is being put on their skin and we believed we could deliver skin care products that were natural, safe and effective. Secondly, we wanted to create a range that made skin care convenient and fun. From our mild tempered Alchemist and her infuriating monkeys, to the smells that follow after popping open the lid of one our pots, we wanted to make skin care an experience that you looked forward to and not one you dreaded. Simply put, here at Dames & Dimes, we have two goals.

1. To bring you the best products that will feed your skin with natural ingredients.

2. To make you smile.

Let us know how we get on ;)


What's your ethos?

Our ethos? Well, world domination didn’t quite work out. Besides, we’re too nice. We found we were far more suited to bringing you handmade beauty products that had some the greatest natural ingredients ever known. We want to make skincare a fun, enjoyable experience like bumper cars (but without the whiplash). We hope to make you smile and we hope to make you laugh as you give your skin the royal treatment it deserves. We do not commission any manufacturers to create our products as they are all handmade.

How natural are you? 

    We make use of natural ingredients like organic unrefined shea butter, organic unrefined cocoa butter, organic beeswax and even organic moon dust (seriously, it’s a thing. Why would we lie?). As a majority of our products are made from natural oils and butters, they do not require preservatives meaning that there is no water for nasty micro-organisms to grow in. Everyone’s a winner here at Dames & Dimes. Except the micro-organisms. We’re pretty confident that we’ll be a big part in helping you to restore your skin’s natural balance.


Are all your products really made from scratch?

All of our formulations have been created form scratch by us. Some of our products have been re-formulated countless times to obtain the final product where every ingredient is in perfect harmony with each other.