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May 24, 2016 18:57

Dames & Dimes –  The launch of a new skin care brand more natural than a monkey scratching himself

Brand new skincare company wants to slide its way into the front of your beauty collection.

The year 2016 sure has been a sorry disappointment. No commercialised jet packs, no invisibility paint and certainly no hover boards. Is this life? Turns out it is. But don’t go and jump from a cliff just yet, because this year is about to redeem itself. Dames & Dimes makes an appearance. A handmade natural skin care brand that isn’t spitting chemicals into its creams or pouring venom into its jars or drowning their sorrows with coffee… No, wait… they’re quite fond of that last one actually. Dames & Dimes, which launched in early 2016 operate, from a small homebased workshop in the UK where they create skincare products with natural butters, oils and a dash of awesome-sauce.

They’re determined to reach out to the masses across the globe in hopes of bringing products that are free of nasty parabens, free of preservatives and free of killjoys. Perhaps more importantly, Dames & Dimes look to put the fun back into skin care and wish to make every one of their customers smile. It’s something that the founder is adamant to stress“ While I wanted to bring natural skin care to the forefront of everyone’s routine, I also wanted to be personable with consumers and bring about a brand who do not take themselves too seriously.” Here’s what David, the Creative Director had to say about his exciting role “I hate my job.” Doesn’t that sound like a man who is truly passionate about his career and who truly believes in his company’s direction? Dames & Dimes love to have fun, and they hope that you too will join them.

So there you have it. You got the most natural ingredients known to man, a quirky brand who clearly love you more than anyone and a smile on your face. Maybe it’s a smirk. Maybe the pull of the lip. What more do you want? Laser eyes? Sure, so do we. Not happening though. You can’t have everything in life after all. But you can still get fabulous looking skin that glows. To be honest, that’s probably better than the laser eyes anyway.

Digital pictures are available on request.

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