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THEE best!

Our absolute fave D&D product - I use it on my fine, slow growing hair to give it strength and healthy shine, I’m certain it’s made it grow faster too. My boyfriend also uses it on his scalp and beard too!


A brilliant way of trying out the Dames and Dimes range! I must say, absolutely nothing disappoints. Perfect sizes for taking away for work trips too.

It works

Used on my psoriasis and it kept my skin hydrated. Wonderful cream.


The smell of the balm is insane!! My skin just feels incredible. Definitely recommend

Skincare Sample Pack
Leoni Hodgetts
I absolutely loved all the products in the sample pack!

I was so impressed with all the products in the sample pack. I have quite sensitive, dry & acne prone skin so can be wary of trying new products but they were all brilliant. I found them super hydrating and gentle, plus they all smell so beautiful & natural.


My skin is amazing now this is holy grail he lost without this now

Beautiful products

I love, love, love these products! Me and my partner both love these products and now I’m going to introduce my brother in law to these wonderful skin creams.

Such a treat…every evening!

I have to admit, I fell for this product because I bought the sample pack (which is a wonderful way to learn that every single one of the products is incredible!!) after falling in love with the branding and packaging of the company, and how very lucky was I to also be so thrilled with how much of a delight each product is to use, and how good all of them are at their jobs! It was near impossible to choose between this and the midnight blue (I’ll be getting a pot of that soon!) as they are both wonderful, but this one just seemed to be a perfect match for my skin. I love using it each evening, a while before bedtime, so that I can allow it to soak in to my skin before it hits the pillow! It feels so amazing when applying, and is wonderful to massage in. A little goes a long way, so this product (they all are!) is such amazing value. My skin is oily and spot prone, and can have dry patches, but this is wonderful and my skin seems so happy and glowy! A lovely feeling at 45! I’ve stopped worrying about wearing make up too! If your unsure what product is for you, then I strongly urge buying the sample pack, but I also say that with all products being so incredible, and so adaptable to different skin needs, you can go wrong with buying a whole wonderful pot! Enjoy! 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

Use this!!!!

This product is amazing! Full stop! My husband and I both love it and we have such different skin and reasons for using it! For him, he suffers with psoriasis and this cream has been (as it says on the pot!) a miracle for him! It really soothes and helps clear his really painful flare ups. For me, I have oily skin that is prone to dry patches, and so getting something that can handle all that in one pot is so hard! I’m using this as my daily moisturiser and for the first time, I don’t mind not wearing make up! This cream smells amazing, feels amazing, and makes my skin look amazing! And as I have some neck tattoos it is a lovely treat for them in the morning too! I recommend this product to everyone, no matter your skin type or requirements! It’s soooo good! 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

Another brilliant product 👍🏻

Absolutely amazing product and smells amazing

For someone with eczema and extremely dry skin this cleansing balm is perfect as it’s moisturising and quite oily while cleansing at the same time. Would definitely recommened even to customers with normal/oily skin. It easily wipes off with a cloth or mitt.

Beautiful balm

Thank you for creating such a beautiful balm. Smells divine and calms my dry, eczema prone skin. Definitely my go to when I have a flare up and definitely a product works for me! I also have used this on my daughters eczema and it has the same effect. Will continue to stock up on this balm, don’t want to run out !!

Skincare Sample Pack
Jane Pollock
Love it!

My daughter loved this sample kit. Smells amazing, is a pleasure to use and we're going to order more full size products when everything is back in stock!

Brilliant for my tattoo

Best night balm for skin. Really hydrating, have used this for nearly a year now, highly recommend!

Beautiful is all I can say.

Massive improvement in my skin

Massive massive relief to my skin using all of these products in my regime.

Amazing product

Made a massive diffrence to the condition of my skin
I felt a massive relief from dry patches sensitivity

Skincare Sample Pack

I was so excited when the shop reopened to be able to order one of the sample packs.
It’s arrived in just a few days, beautifully packaged and the sweetest little pots inside with clear instructions.
I’ve only tried the blue balm so far, will definitely be ordering a size one of those and I’m sure the rest of the products will be just as wonderful.
So glad I stumbled across your company and products.


The only face wash I will use! 10/10


My skin practitioner told me and my partner to use this product and its amazing! Works wonders, will buy again.


A year ago, you couldn't have convinced me that expensive skincare was anything but a scam. And actually, I'm sticking to that theory- because this skincare isn't expensive. It's really reasonably priced, a little goes a long way and a little pot really lasts. Not only that but you can buy a sample pack for an absolute steal to see how well it works for you. And I thought- I'm never gonna use all this stuff. My skin was combination- part breakouts part flakes- and I thought I was stuck with it.

So- I gave the Dames and Dimes routine a go in those sample pots- cleansing balm followed by a soap based cleanser, then my fave water based moisturiser, then the sunset or midnight balm, then the barrier cream. Felt a bit greased up initially, but it sank in a treat. And suddenly my skin has evened out, is glowing, has cleared up and stopped flaking and people are saying things like 'You never get spots' (I still get the odd one 😂) and 'You don't need foundation (I don't!) So I have to say, I'm hooked. I also had extremely flaky dry lips, and I just smear a little of the product over my mouth while applying it, and no longer need lip balm.

But what of the mandarin cream and hair oil? Well, the mandarin cream in combination with the barrier cream worked some magic and cleared up a dry skin rash I had on one finger. It's also an excellent combination for hand and cuticle care, and when I got a nasty itchy sweat rash from my bra, this little combo cleared it in a matter of days.

The peppermint scalp oil though? Well, my scalp wasn't itchy or sore, but I did have a lot of dandruff, so I thought I'd try it. And while I still have a little dandruff it's improved enormously- no more snowstorms from scratching my head!

So that's me now using every single product from the sample pack, and given what a bargain it is, I absolutely wholeheartedly recommend you try it too. My only warning is that you'll probably end up buying full sizes too once you experience these results for yourself!


Heavy cream which makes your skin feel so hydrated. I used on under eye every night and full face every other night and it has made me skin feel so glowy, hydrated and smooth. As a sufferer of acne and sensitivity when using certain products I can confirm this one is perfect, although the blue colour and lovely smell makes it seemed perfumed it’s not and caused no breakouts or irritability. Will buy again again and again