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Work with us

We love working with just about anyone including companies, magazines, journalists, Elven lords and sorcerers. We consider all requests so put on your big boy pants and join the dark side! 

Here are some words of wisdom that we didn't just make up that you might want to familiarise yourself before making your request and asking us to dance.

Please note: we are not currently giving away our products in exchange for a review. Please keep this in mind before you contact us regarding collabs. We have unfortunately received requests for free products without so much as a hello or an introduction.

1. Please take your time to learn about who we are and what we do. You can find most of this information on our about page.

2.  Bloggers, please note that contacting us for freebies in exchange for an 'honest review/promotion' without an initial chat will lead you into the darkest pit of our hearts that we reserve for monkey poop and toe stubs. We're not currently offering products in exchange for this service so please consider this before you send a request. 

3. Please provide sufficient information about yourself and specify why you want to write about our products. We are suckers for sweet talk and candy and so feel free to lead with any one of those. yourself and tell us what you do. As mentioned above, we like to be wined and dined ;)

4. Show us what you've worked on previously including how you've promoted other brands, what sort of feedback was received and what you thought about your experience. If you've just started out, then don't sweat it. Just be honest and kind and we will love you. 

5. Talk to us! Believe it or not, we're pretty understanding people. Life is tough. The economy sucks. The trains are late. Eggs burn. Stuff happens. Let us know if you're having difficulty fulfilling any services you have offered. We appreciate honesty and transparency above anything so please don't leave us hanging for a few weeks and then pop up again out of nowhere. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your interest in our brand and for your interest in working with us. If you are still serious about working with us, then you must be nuts. We like nuts. Birds of a feather, right? Contact us through our online contact form with your request and don't forget our words of wisdom! Or at least remember the candy. 


What's better than beautiful handmade skincade that repairs and protects your skin? Being rewarded for it.